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Are you too trendy to obey?

Memory Verse: “We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands.” (1 John 2:3)

If you spend time with your children, place them to bed or play with them, you do know it’s a struggle, and it is no different than an older child. You have announced, as a parent you expect obedience. But that’s not always the case on your watch, right? Well, think again! Your expectation of obedience from the kids is nowhere close to always what you got in return. Time for discipline is inevitable, and the pressure of wanting obedience is crushing your heart. In contrast, God is yearning for your willingness with your whole heart, mind, and soul. Let me guess, Hmm. You are scared! Because you think you are not enough for God to love you, you are too dirty due to your past, or still keeping the dark secrets that no one knows of to yourself. Let me tell you a secret, “God wants all of you no matter what your circumstance, your past nor your deepest secrets.” All you have to ask, “God change the deepest corners of my heart that I will be made humble and whole.” That means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone: a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 Obedience exudes the ability to submit to another authority, that authority is ‘Your Savior.’ Much of 1 John’s message talks about ‘obedience.’ Your three action words that will motivate you to move in obedience are: You have to, You need to, and You want to. You ought to obey the voice of God. You might be wondering, ” How do I do that, sis?” Well,  my sisters and brothers, it is not that difficult, but I come to tell you through the power of fasting and prayer there is nothing that God can’t do! Faith moves mountains, for every trial, he brought you through there is a measure of obedience to the voice of God. It is not by accident you are breathing reading this blog post; it is by the divine power of the Most High God!

In contrast, employees need to obey. If we fail to obey, guaranteed consequences follow. Responsibility, hours, monetary or even loss of employment. But with believers it is way much different, we must be obedient not because we have to or need to. We do because we are in love with God, with our heart, mind, and soul. Beyond what he sees in you, giving your best both personally and intimately. Authentic Knowledge is experimental, we gain intimate, deeper knowledge when you open your heart to Jesus, spending time with Him. “For his sheep will know His voice of the Good Shephard Because he cares”. John 10:1-5, 27 Let’s stand in awe of our Holy Father, with power in us no one can snatch away. Resistance leads to resonating revelation! The greatest testimony! His Spirit breathe through you for you praise him not because you got out your boat but He got in! And, the wind became obedient to his voice. Your storm was significant, you are important in His eyes. Thankfully, John speaks of obedience that is not perfect but one that is responsive to the word of God. Continue to let God appoint you, direct you and lead you. There is a time for every season in your life. Ecclesiastics 3:1

Love You all!

Stanilla Joseph
Communications Ministry


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