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Berean Security Communique

Berean Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Congregational Communique

Re: Parking Lot Security

October 13, 2017
As many of you may be aware, on this past Sabbath and Sunday several persons had their car’s passenger-side windows damaged by young men, who came through our parking lot attempting thefts of property inside of the cars. While this type of crime has happened to churches all over the city, this is the first time in nine years it’s happened at Berean. On this past Monday, Horace Walker and I met with the Atlanta Police Zone 1 Commander to review our plans for security, and to enlist their direct help in monitoring our lots, as well as to hear his suggestions for heightening our security. 
On this past Wednesday, I met with several Berean senior-level leaders (Head Elder, Head Deacon, Chief of Security, Communications Director, Administrative Assistant, Treasurer, and Finance Committee Chairperson), to immediately put into place several additional security measures, which will ensure this type of crime is deterred and stopped on Berean property. 

The following actions will start this coming Sabbath and will be standard going forward.

What the Church Will Do:

1. All security officers will be out of their cars and actively patrolling the lots. 
2. Three teams of deacons will back-up our security officers in monitoring the parking lots. 
3. Our security cameras will be double-staffed to ensure a continuous electronic eye on the property. 
4. Atlanta City Police will do periodic drive-bys of our lot to reinforce our security presence, whenever possible. 
5. We will be praying for angelic protection of our members and our property. The Lord’s host is our greatest need—the heavenly beings that excel in strength.

What our Members Can Do:

1. Make sure there are no valuables left in your car. 
2. Ensure that nothing of perceived value is left out in plain view.
3. Please promptly comply with all directions from our security and deacon’s teams. 
4. Pray for God’s continued protection. 
On this Sabbath, further instructions will be given, with subsequent updates provided over the coming weeks regarding other Berean security matters. 
Fredrick A. Russell,
Lead Pastor

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