Seventh-day Adventist educational system seeks to build character akin to that of the Creator and to nurture thinkers rather than mere reflectors of others’ thoughts.  From early childhood through grade 12, Atlanta Berean’s children are taught in a God-centered, results-oriented, and safe and nurturing environment by teachers who love and care for them each and every day.

Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy (GAAA)
Delivering a great education to students in grades 9 – 12, Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy comprises a family of teachers who work hard ensuring that students have a balanced education.  Every attempt is made to prepare students for college and beyond with the ultimate goal of becoming citizens of Heaven.

Berean Christian Junior Academy (BCJA)
Berean Christian Junior Academy, offers quality Christian education to students from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Its well-rounded curriculum based on Bible principles prepares students ready for the challenges that await them in life.

Both schools have received the Southern Union’s Adventist Edge “School of Excellence” award.  This award is the Southern Union’s action plan to accomplish the vision of vibrant Adventist education in the 21st century, as set forth in the Journey to Excellence, the North American Division’s blueprint for quality schools.  It is a call for our schools, our teachers, and our students to be what God intends them to be.  It is a call to reach the highest standard which is possible to attain — the standard of Christian excellence. As Adventist EDGE “Schools of Excellence”, the goal is to create a culture of excellence that equips students to excel in faith, learning, and service; that empowers teachers to excel in the art of teaching as did our example, the Master Teacher; and that continues to operate in an air of excellence that delivers GREAT education.

Marilyn Shaw
Education, Director

(404) 799-7288