The Nine Touches of Hospitality

1. The Greeter Ministry – A high touch.  They greet people with a warm smile and verbal welcome as they enter the worship center.  This is a special and unique team of individuals who have a positive and welcoming spirit about themselves. They are also floor generals who direct the worshipers to various areas in the worship center where they can find seats when the worship center is packed.  In the outer lobbies at the sanctuary doors they provide a pre-sort to assist the ushers in quickly and effectively seating all worshipers.  Greeters can be also found doing the “exit greeting” at the exit doors thanking people for coming and hope they were blessed by coming to Berean that day.

2. The Hosts and Hostesses Committee – A knowing touch. They also help greet, but most importantly they are to connect with our visiting friends throughout their time while fellowshipping with us at Berean.  They are responsible for handing out welcome packets during the welcome at the 11 o’clock worship experience.  At the end of the worship experience they are the ones that retrieve the visitor’s information sheet from them and then provide them with our complimentary DVD of a previously recorded worship experience.  If there is a church dinner planned that day they can also find out if the guest or visitor would like to dine with us. The Host and Hostess also assist the Dining Committee to serve food during some of our big fellowship dinners.   At many of our funerals the Hosts and Hostesses are asked to serve food to the bereaved families.

3. Decorating Committee – A creative touch. This is a team that is to make sure the worship center’s plants and flowers are selected and maintained and also appropriate for the changing seasons and or appropriate for the event.

4. The Calling Committee – A feedback touch. This is a team of individuals that take the visitor’s information retrieved by the Hosts and Hostesses at the end of service and makes contact with them via a phone call.  This call gives us an opportunity to invite them back or even ask them to become members at our church.  Most importantly, to get feedback on what that guest or visitor enjoyed about our worship experience.

5. The Dining Committee – A tasty touch. They plan, prepare, setup, and serve many of the dinners done at Berean.  A lot of hard work is done on this committee.  Some of the best cooks in the city of Atlanta work on this committee.  Their presentation and delicious meals have become a standard at Berean.  A partner ministry to this committee is “Berean’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” – is a Berean Hospitality Dining evangelism initiative.

6. The Cheer and Get Well Committee – A caring touch. They are a group of people who care for our sick and shut in by sending get well cards or even visiting those in their homes or hospital rooms.

7. The Housing Committee – A “just like home” touch. This is a team of individuals who organize and coordinate housing for visiting groups, choirs, and visitors who come to our church for a special event.

8. The Special Events Committee – An event to remember touch. This is a team made up of many of the church’s main leadership.  They actually will organize, prepare, and execute major events such as the Pastor’s appreciations and farewell s, area wide Union and Conference events, or something like the General Conference which will be held in Atlanta the summer of the 2010.

9. The Condolence Committee – A final touch.  This team of individuals helps in comforting the bereaved families during their time of grief.  They may send out a card or visit with the family.  We want the grieving family to know our church cares and are praying for them.