Our Hosts and Hostesses connect with our visiting friends throughout their time while fellowshipping with us at Atlanta Berean.  They are responsible for handing out welcome packets during the welcome at the Sabbath worship experiences.  At the end of the worship experience, they are the ones that retrieve the visitor’s information sheet from our visitors and, in exchange,  gift them a complimentary DVD of a previously  worship experience.  If there is a church dinner planned that day they,  the Host and Hostesses invite the guest or visitor to dine with us. The Host and Hostess also assist s the Dining Committee to serve food during some of our big fellowship dinners.   At our funerals, the Hosts and Hostesses are asked to serve food to the bereaved families.  These are just a few examples of ways our Hosts and Hostesses enhance everyones, especially our visiting friends, experience at Atlanta Berean.