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New Berean Church – Announcement Form

Hello Members,

The Communications Team has launched a new Berean Church “Announcement Form” for upcoming events, meetings, rehearsals, and programs. This form will be shared with the administration staff, communication team, and the media team using Microsoft Forms, streamlining the announcement process and improving organizational procedures.

Form Instructions

Please complete this form to request a bulletin or video announcement for an upcoming Sabbath at the Berean Church. If you would like the Berean Church to announce or promote your upcoming event, meeting, rehearsal or program, it must first be approved and on the Church calendar. The announcements are to promote programs, fundraisers, meetings, and events that are not regularly scheduled. Personal announcements may not be made unless approved by the Berean Church Administration. All announcements must be 100 words or less. Please use correct days, dates and times.

Create your announcement today.

Announcement Form


Communications Team

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