Shining For Jesus – Video Submission Form

To all Youth, this is your moment to shine!

Send us videos showing your talent, hobbies, fun activities, and achievements. These videos will be shown each week on Berean’s “Shining for Jesus” Show for children and youth. The show is posted on Berean’s various Social Media platforms each Thursday.
Once your video is submitted for consideration if it is selected we will notify you of that, and let you know the air date.
Check out the categories below to see what we’re looking for, or let us know if you have another creative idea.
Looking forward to seeing your exciting videos.
Get ready, Get Set & Shoot!!

(Ages: Kindergarten through High School)

Sample video: Lawn Care Tips by Jyles A. Brooks


  • Make sure the video is clear and has the child’s/youth’s/teen’s name on the file submission.
  • Video length: 3-7 minutes.
  • The child is independently sharing their experience. (No spoon-feeding – not giving them words to say.)
  • Make sure the audio is pleasantly loud and you can hear every word. Avoid any distractions.
  • Record horizontally and make sure the lighting is excellent (ex: the sun or light source is in front of the subject).
  • All Submissions are due by Tuesday of each week.

Please submit to Miss Marva Mortley or Mrs. Shay Simmons.

Marva Mortley 347-420-2844 –
Shay Simmons 256-322-2100 –

Thank you!!!