The Sabbath School is what we call the “Church at Study”. It is a spiritual teaching or belief education system of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Sabbath School has four purposes: a study of the Scripture, fellowship, community outreach, and world global mission emphasis.

Every one, whether a member of the church or not, is welcome to be a member of a Sabbath School class. These classes meet weekly, in between the first and second worship experiences, at 10:00 am every Saturday morning.  According to your preference, there are large and small classes to choose from where we study God’s Word with the help of age-appropriate Bible study guides. In addition, class members conduct various outreach programs and provide assistance for each other during times of need. The annual Sabbath School picnic provides an opportunity for interactive fellowship.

Terri Taylor
Sabbath School, Director

(404) 799-7288