Celebrating Father’s Day


Give your dad a special Father’s Day shout-out, so he can be featured in our Father’s Day compilation video. The video will be available this Saturday at 9:00 AM.

You may submit:

  1. A horizontal video recording of you addressing one of the prompts below, OR
  2. A photo of your father with an audio recording of you answering one of the prompts below.

(PLEASE keep it short and sweet – 2 sentences maximum, and say your Father’s first and last name.)

  • · “My father (NAME) is extraordinary because…”
  • · “One special memory about my dad (NAME)…”
  • · “The funniest thing about my dad (NAME)…”

In Memory of:
To recognize fathers who are sleeping until Jesus returns .   

  • “What I miss most about my dad (NAME)…”

Include this information in your email:

Father’s First and Last Name:
Your Name:
Where your dad lives (City, State):

Don’t forget to include your recorded tribute.

Email by Friday 6/19/2020 – 12:00 pm EST  to

Thank you for helping us make this Father’s Day special!

Communications Team
at Berean SDA Church