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Good morning. The Berean SDA Church remains closed until further notice. BOMC is preparing for their Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. And Annual Community Christmas is around the corner.

My Life Praises You – Devotionals

by Women By Natasha Doughma
Great news!!! Our very own Berean Women’s Ministries group have published a devotional.

The idea for a devotional was birthed from the desire to encourage, uplift, and point others to God. This group of 30+ authors come from various walks of life. Still, they all have walked with God and can speak of His protection, prevention, and transforming power. This effort has taken over a year to complete. And they give all thanks and honor to God for bringing it to fruition. It is their heartfelt desire that this devotional will bless lives and be a tool to draw someone closer to Christ. Let’s all share this spirit-filled book with family and friends!!! 

To secure your copy: 1. Visit the Adventist Book Center located at 294 Hamilton E Holmes Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 or2. Send email to: or 678-887-2129. 


By Shenee` J. Holloway 
As the extrovert of my family, I am usually social. So receiving “likes” after I’ve posted something on my personal social media account is truly not uncommon.

What is uncommon is receiving hundreds of them on Berean’s social media accounts. Some may not know this, however, I manage most of Berean’ssocial media accounts. The goal is to always be a light to brighten “the corner where we are”. Whether we receive “likes,” or “retweets”, a heart, or even the famed “thumbs up”, I really aim to spread the good news through social media, whether we receive a “like” or not. Twitter, is an account of ours that I rarely see engagement.

Read more.

Most posts are rarely even viewed, let alone, “liked” by anyone. I post on Twitter to maintain our footprint out there and that’s always a good thing. We’re there with good content, and usually repost from our other social media pages. Well, something extraordinary happened on October, 27th. It was Tune-Up Tuesday, the day I post something related to exercise and music. I shared a post from Jason Max Ferdinand’s, The Oakwood Aeolians director’s, Instagram page. The video provided 60 seconds of a rehearsal clip of the World Renowned Oakwood Aeolians and World-Renowned Gospel Singer and Producer, Donald Lawrence. In my opinion, it was a sweet-sounding, harmonic collaboration piece where the refrain was simply, “Whom Shall I Fear.” I loved the arrangement, and I imagined others would also. Boy, was I right! The notifications for this short 60-second clip kept ringing all day long. Berean’s social media accounts, from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, yielded over 1,700 views combined! WOW! The extraordinary part is that our account on Twitter (the one that I thought was never viewed) received 412 views, 35 likes, and 11 re-shares! They noticed us! Even Donald Lawrence himself, although tagged on the same clip from Instagram and Facebook, “liked” the Twitter post. It felt good to received comments from others saying, “thank you,” and “this blessed me,” all day long. This day reminded me that our efforts are not in vain. People really do notice and they see us. We are in a digital age, so our efforts to reach the masses happen on multiple occasions via our social media ministry. We will probably never truly know the depth of our impact, but I believe that people see us, and Jesus Himself sees us. I personally know that He not only notices, but He likes, and He absolutely loves us. This fact alone surpasses anyone else’s “thumbs up”, or “hearts” or “likes.” Now, regardless of what I see, I know without a shadow of a doubt that they truly do notice us, and what we do virtually matters. 


November/December hours for food distribution, at 291 Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, are as follows: Wednesdays from 10 am – 4:00 pm 


The BOMC Food Pantry will be closed on the following Wednesdays: Nov 25th, Dec 23rd and 30th 


November/December hours for Clothes Closet distribution are as follows: Wednesdays from 10 am to 2:00 pm at 312 Hamilton E. Holmes Drive


November 22nd from 12 to 2:30 pm is BOMC’s Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on the 291 Holmes Drive parking lot. Contact Allyson Dozier at 1 (470) 225-7202 or


December 20 is the 5th Annual Children’s Community Christmas Event (a ticketed event) Contact Allyson Dozier at 1 (470) 225-7202 or 


Households can receive food only once per weekOnly one member on behalf of your household can pick up food (failure to comply will cause the account to be closed) Contact Allyson Dozier at 1 (470) 225-7202 or 


There is a desperate need for YOUR help! November/December hours for distribution at 291 Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, Atlanta GA Contact Allyson Dozier at 1 (470) 225-7202 or  


It is our mission to serve the community following the method of Jesus through ministries of compassion in His name as described in Luke 4:16-21 

In case of inclement weather or change of hours call our center number at: 1 (470) 225-7202 

Additional Dates To Remember

  • December 5 – Youth Game Night – Zoom 
  • December 12 – Youth Service during 11 AM Service – Jesus is the Reason for the Season
  • December 12 – Youth Praise Break at 6pm
  • December 12 – Virtual Christmas Celebration at 5pm
  • December 31 – New Year’s Communion
  • January 2021 – Monday January 18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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