In Everything Give Thanks 11/21

In Everything Give Thanks Evangelistic Effort

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In Everything Give Thanks 11/16-11/20

In Everything Give Thanks Evangelistic Effort

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Youth Praise Break 11/14/2020

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Youth Game Night

Join the our youth in a virtual game night via Zoom Video Conferencing.

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Donovan Washington

 Donovan Washington, the SAC Youth Director


Berean Youth & Young Adults

This COVID-19 has changed our lives as we know it to be. With everything that’s going on around us it’s good to know that our Heavenly Father still remains the same. He is still consistent, omnipresent and omnipotent! 

We know that for specifically our young adults and youth, socialization is important. Being around family, friends or even being in school or church is something that makes most of us comfortable. Or it’s just simply familiar. Social distancing is pretty hard. For seniors in high school or even college, dealing with the very real possibility of not being able to physically graduate, it’s especially difficult. In actuality, this entire ordeal is a difficult reality to face. However, in spite of these circumstances God is still in control and we are here constantly praying for our Berean Family, young and old alike.

I would like to encourage each and every one of you to take this time as a time of reflection. Take this time to grow spiritually and to grow closer to God. Talk to him tell him what’s on your hearts and minds and don’t be afraid to do so. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus! Never give up or give in ! Trust and believe that no matter what we can always depend on him. 

If anyone is need of prayer or just need an ear to listen I am here. 


God Bless 

Pastor Edward Simmons