About Berean SDA Church

The Berean SDA Church is a congregation of people who are passionate and focused on being true Christ-followers. We are a multigenerational/multinational church that celebrates and affirms its diversity, where people from all over the world are represented.

While we are a relatively large congregation, there is an authentic southern charm in how we connect with each other and our guests. And by connecting we mean more than people interaction. We mean getting involved in the life and ministry of Berean. We really mean it when we say, “At Berean, We Have A Place For You!”

Berean is one of the most community-minded congregations in the Atlanta metro area, where each week we are privileged to serve almost one thousand families via our Community Service Ministry – Berean Outreach Ministry Center. We work hard at not becoming inward-focused, but outward focused in meeting the needs of those in our church community.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to lead a chosen generation into a transforming, loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and faithful connection with our community, while impacting both those in the Atlanta area and beyond, so they can experience a life of joy and power.


Our Church Leadership Team provides high-level leadership to our church and reports to our Berean SDA Church Board.