Support And Recovery


Our Support and Recovery groups are safe and caring communities that welcome those who are hurting. Our purpose is to help you experience emotional healing, learn self-awareness and grow in your relationship with Jesus as we model his compassionate and transforming love.


There is no need to struggle alone. Support Ministry are volunteer theropist who provide weekly, confidential, distinctively Christian, one-on-one caring support and encouragement to anyone in our congregation or community who is going through a difficult time, a transition or crisis and is in need of support. This is not therapy nor physical/financial support but a listening ear and a prayer partner for emotional and spiritual support. Contact us at

If you’d like to become a Support Ministry member please visit the serving opportunities page.


The Email Prayer Ministry provides prayer support for members and friends of Berean SDA Church. You can email your requests are emailed out to our team members, who pray for every request. Please submit your prayer request by contacting Joann Dickson-Smith or (404) 367-6121.

Every Night we pray with those who want to prayer. Join Us!

at 6:30 am, Monday only – Men’s Ministry Prayer Line with Earl Blair: (404) 793-7229

at 6:30 pm, Pandemic Prayer Line with Elder Elaine Kinlock: (404) 793.7229

at 7 pm, General Prayer Line with Joann Dickson-Smith: (602) 609-9908


Our church elders provide support and prayer for members and friends of Berean SDA Church who are either temporarily or permanently unable to participate in the regular worship services and activities of the church. If you know someone who would benefit from a weekly Christian visitor through our ministry, please contact us.