Weddings and Funerals


We are delighted you are considering having your wedding ceremony take place at Berean SDA Church. You do not need to be a member of our church family in order to be married in our sanctuary. We believe marriage is a covenant between a woman and a man who, before God, make a lifelong commitment to each other. In our wedding ceremonies, we rejoice that marriage is a gift given by God, blessed by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit. The wedding ceremony marks the beginning of a union between the husband and wife and Christ and celebrates God’s plan for marriage. For more information and to check availability, contact Joe Gaiter.



Weddings may be scheduled on Saturday evenings beginning after 6 pm or on Sundays beginning between 10:00 am and 2 pm. The main sanctuary seats 1800 people in the downstairs area and 300 in the balcony. The Berean Outreach Ministry Center sanctuary seats 600 people in the main floor and 200 people in the balcony. The Berean Outreach Ministry Center Loaf seats 200 people in the main floor.

Rehearsals are usually scheduled at 4 or 5pm on either a Thursday or Saturday. The rehearsal is under the supervision of the Berean SDA Church pastors and wedding coordinator.


Facilities are available for receptions on the Berean SDA Church campus.


Weddings are a part of our ministry. Therefore, weddings at Berean are conducted under the direction of one of our pastors. We have several ordained pastors on the Berean staff who perform weddings. If you have a preference for a particular pastor, your request will be honored, if possible. The pastor will meet with the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. These appointments need to be arranged through the pastor’s office. A guest pastor may participate in the ceremony. Please contact us with any questions.


Wedding music is under the direction and guidelines of the pastor and wedding coordinator. A sample wedding music CD is available from the wedding coordinator.


The fee for utilizing Berean SDA Church as the setting for your wedding is $1,850 for non-members and $1,350 for members. This fee includes: the Berean SDA Church pastor, organist/pianist, sound technician, wedding coordinator and hostess at the rehearsal and ceremony, candelabra stands with candles, and use of the bridal room and groom’s room. You will have the use of the sanctuary for a 2.5 hour period, starting 1 hour before the ceremony begins and extending an additional 1.5 hours, including the ceremony. A $250 deposit is required.


If you’d like to have a memorial service at Berean SDA Church, please contact Joyce Scurry

Call: (678) 437-2679‬